Our Services

Our Services to Nurture the Future Farmers

  • Access to Knowledge and Resources
  • Mentorship and Guidance
  • Skill-Building Initiatives
  • Exposure to Innovative Farming Practices
  • Exposure to Agri Entrepreneurship
  • Collaboration with Educational Institutions
  • Advocacy and Recognition
  • Inspiring Success Stories

Engaging Activities to Delight All Visitors

  • Tractor Ride: Embark on a fun-filled ride across the picturesque farmland.
  • Cow Dung Modeling: Unleash your creativity and make art with traditional cow dung.
  • Nursery Plants Raising: Learn the art of nurturing and propagating plants in our greenhouses.
  • Clay Modeling: Shape and mold clay into beautiful objects inspired by nature.
  • Rural Games: Engage in traditional games that celebrate the spirit of rural life.
  • Weeding: Get hands-on experience in weeding, both manually and with specialized machines.

Unleashing Nature's Essence through Engaging Experiences

  • Welcoming with Herbal Tea
  • Farm Exploration
  • Age-Appropriate Engagements
  • Interactive Expert Sessions
  • Farm-to-Table Delights
  • Inspiring Experience Sharing
  • Rustic Rural Games
  • Savor Traditional Snacks

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